Lisha Li is the founder and CEO of a stealth AI startup based in San Francisco. 

Formerly Lisha Li was a venture capitalist.  She invested in technical founders solving ambitious problems. From compute substrate to the creative process, medicine to manufacturing.  She sourced (formerly Embodied Intelligence) and Strangeworks, and is a board observer at Covariant and She is a principal at Amplify Partners focused on seed and series A. 

Lisha completed her PhD at UC Berkeley focusing on deep learning and probability advised by David Aldous and Joan Bruna.  She was formerly a mathematician working in graph limits with Balazs Szegedy. While at Berkeley she also did statistical consulting, advising on methods and analysis for experimentation and interpretation, and interned as a data scientist at Pinterest and Stitch Fix. She was the lecturer of discrete mathematics, as well as the graduate instructor for probability and computer science theory. 

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