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Bringing AI-Generated Humans to Hollywood: Intervie by Eric Peckham of Monetizing Media.

Generalised AI / The Next Decade in AI | CogX 2020

Deepfake Tech Interview by Cedric Dahl

Interview: My journey across drama, pure math, investing and entrepreneurship

Pytorch Devcon Fall 2019

Discussing Modern ML Frameworks with Soumith Chintala (creator of Pytorch), Michela Paganini from Facebook, Clément Delangue from HuggingFace, Rachel Thomas from, Maria Popova from UNC

Move the Dial
Talking about how I invest in AI companies at Amplify Partners.

Vanderbilt EMERGE 2018 Keynote

Slides: Predicting and understanding applications of AI.

AWS Startup Day

Amazon Web Services Talk.

Train AI

Presented By Blair Hanley Frank, Principal Analyst, ISG | Ruchir Puri, IBM Fellow And Chief Architect, IBM Watson | Lisha Li, Principal, Amplify Partners | Radha Basu, CEO, IMerit Technology Services | Tarin Ziyaee, Founder, "Stealth"

The long-term existential threats of AI have taken over our popular consciousness, but what about the everyday issues practitioners and the public face right now? This panel will explore the current ethical challenges in the AI field, with an eye towards how they might impact the future.

Colaboration with 3Blue1Brown

What is a Neural Network


KDnuggets - Deep ConversationsAI4ALL - Role Models in AI SeriesDaily Californian-Future robots may learn from human perspective, thanks to UC Berkeley researchers


RealTalk (Episodes)Chatting about Investing in ML/AI, Creative Destruction Lab and Predictions!Women in AI Podcast by ReworkHow can organizations of all shapes and sizes successfully implement AI?